Niels Peter Rygaard

Occupational Psychologist

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More than 100 million children and youth have no contact with parents, and receive no daily care from them. Their caregivers are often underpaid, not supported much by government, and have no access to quality care education. 

A major reason for the poor outcome of this care is due to the lack of transforming research into local child policies and professional training of caregiver systems. Fairstart is a global research-based, 6 month online training for all those working with children at risk. FairstartGlobal helps caregivers to acquire quality care skills and organize daily life based on attachment and neurology research results. Programs are free, online, and only require internet and projector for staff and leader training. We train trainers from all continents and cooperate with local government and major aid organizations, such as SOSChildrens Villages. Programs are in local language versions.

The program designed by Niels was first tested in two European Union granted projects involving 12 countries for four years, in orphanages and foster care organizations. The purpose of the NGO Fairstartglobal is to set global, research based standards for professional care in developing countries, and support the formation of local care competences in any country. We are recognized by World Association of Infant Mental Health, the European Psychologist Association, and a host of professional and scientific groups across the globe. Users and researchers volunteer to translate and implement - I never cease to be impressed by their will to help children, despite their sometimes miserable working conditions. Please mail me to join!

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