Niels Peter Rygaard

Occupational Psychologist

Examples of various services:

  1. -60 courses for officials in parental ability and case management. For The Danish National Board Of Social Services (Socialstyrelsen).

  2. -80 training days concerning the prevention of violence in everyday life - for day care, kinder garten and school leaders in the Aarhus area.

  3. - Inclusion: 6 months of development courses for a school in Nakskov and several other schools: How do we develop relational learning, mentoring functions and dialogue groups for teachers and educators?

  4. -How do we get management leaders, departmental managers and employees to work as a powerful entity?

  5. -Individual and group coaching for leaders.

  6. -With the publication of the new book concerning foster care of which I am a co-editor, I teach foster family courses, courses for family care consultants and supervisors and I develop tools to assess professional care and parenting compentences. The participants training is supported by the Danish edition of the online training for foster families. I perform these courses on request.

  7. -Interdisciplinary courses and courses in social administration - qualification of efforts across from the municipality's children and young people at risk.

  8. -Neurology and relationship work: you can actually measure that traumatized mothers have less brain activity when they are interacting with their baby. Likewise it can be measured, that a mentalization-based program can increase the sensitivity towards the mothers’ newborn.

  9. -Intercultural projects and integration: training in research-based quality care across linguistic and cultural barriers.

  10. -Working with development in the education sector: e.g. an international 2-year master in educational organization development.

  11. -I lecture at universities and support organizations with training worldwide.

Contact for further info and requests.

Courses and lectures are organized together with the applicant's request. Here: training orphanage leaders in Indonesia.

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